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The Brown Pelican problem

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  1. The brown pelican has only one major danger.
  2. Side effects of fishing.
  3. Brown Pelican could be found nesting in colonies.
  4. The nesting period of the brown pelican.
  5. Efforts made to ban harmful pesticides - brown pelican has recovery.
  6. The brown pelican - a migratory group of birds.
  7. This proof brought light to the wrong that was done to the species.

The Brown Pelican is part of the family Pelecanidae. ?The Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis ) is the smallest (42"-54") member of the seven species of the pelican family. (Wikipedia) ? It is still a relatively large bird, with a long, narrow beak. This specific species of pelican has a brown body and webbed feet. The brown pelican has a wingspan when fully grown of about seven feet and extend four feet in width (Field Guide to California). Brown pelicans consume 3 to 4 pounds of small fish or crustaceans per day and can hold up to three gallons of water in its gular pouch, which is three times its stomach capacity. Besides the bird's dark coloration, the method of fishing by diving as opposed to cooperative fishing separates the brown pelican from the seven other species of pelicans.

[...] Klass. December ?Status and Ecology of the Brown Pelican in the Greater Puerto Rican Bank Region.? Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Iowa State University. 2OO pp. Daerr, Elizabeth. Pelican's Progress?. Rare & Endangered. April/May 2002. Ehrlich, Paul; Dobkin, David; and Wheye, Darryl. The Birder's Handbook. New York: Simon & Schuster Inc Lipske, Michael. Rachel Carson Helped Save the Brown Pelican?. National Wildlife. O'Connell, Martin ET. All. ?Biological Resources of the Louisiana Coast: Part 2. Coastal Animals [...]

[...] ?[Pelicans are] Endangered where found except for Atlantic coast, Florida and Alabama (Federal Register, October 13, 197O; June 197O; February In the Southeast Region, the brown pelican is listed as endangered only in Louisiana, Mississippi, and in the Caribbean. (US Fish and Wildlife Service)? Before European Colonization, the Brown Pelican could be found nesting in colonies, usually on islands. These birds reside in bodies of freshwater or along seacoasts. The brown pelican is native to Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts of North America, and along the South American coast of Venezuela. [...]

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