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The car of tomorrow: stakes and perspectives relating to the environment.

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The symbolic role of the automobile in the French economy has declined sharply over the past twenty years. However, it still retains a significant symbolic role in public opinion. The automobile is a product of a rational response to real needs; it is also an important part of our imagination (social status). Currently, we are faced with a paradox. Environmental concerns are on the rise, oil supply is being increasingly threatened, the difficulties associated with travel are increasing; on the other hand, the volume, weight and power of cars are increasing.

Above all, the automobile is the reflection of social success of generations.After the Second World War, automobiles were mass produced and became relatively inexpensive compared to the pre-war days. As the standard of living gradually increased and highways grew, performance of the car became a selling point.

The increase in mortality due to road accidents transformed it into a major public health menace which led the government to limit the speed. To this problem, add the congestion of cities, and thus builders were spurred on create the compact car.

Tags: Automobiles as environment polluters, Sustainable Development, Eco-friendly cars

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