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Utilization of solar energy: An alternative of conventional energy sources

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Technologies based on capture of heat energy from sunlight
    1. Solar water heating systems
    2. Solar space heating
    3. Solar air conditioning
    4. Solar desalination
    5. Crop drying
    6. Conversion of solar energy into electrical energy
    7. Solar central receiver power plant
    8. Solar photovoltaic cells
    9. Applications of SPV systems
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

The earth continuously gets the shower of radiation of the sun, which is the mother of all forms of energy-conventional or non conventional. The amount of solar radiation reaching the earth is called ?insolation? ?the short form for ?incident solar radiation?. Solar energy is not hand on due to the high cost of technology. This paper describes some economical and energy saving aspects of solar energy in different industrial and domestic applications. The solar energy reaching the earth ranges from 600 Btu/sq. ft. to 2000 Btu/sq. ft. per day. In one year the amount of solar energy received by India alone is nearly 400 times the energy in our present annual coal production. In summer noon, a solar energy shower in an area of 1 sq. meter is equal to one Kilowatt. Keywords: Solar energy, Electrical energy, Crop drying, solar air conditioning, Solar desalination, Water treatment, Solar space heating, Solar water heating

[...] India's first plant based on this system of 50 KW capacity is installed in 1989 at Gawal Pahiri, Haryana ) Solar photovoltaic Cells: Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) is a field of solar energy utilization by which solar energy is converted into electrical energy using a device called photovoltaic cell or solar cell. A solar cell is made up of a semiconductor like silicon( Si) or GaAs. When sunlight falls on these cells, electricity is generated. The amount of electricity depends upon intensity of sunlight, size of solar cells, ambient temperature etc. [...]

[...] Conversion of Solar Energy into Electrical Energy: Conversion of solar energy into electrical energy can be made by two methods ) Solar Thermal Power Plants ) Solar Photovoltaic Cells ) Solar Thermal Power Plant: There are two types of solar thermal power plants .1) Solar Distributed Collector Power Plant 6.1 .2) Solar Central Receiver Power Plant 6.1 .1) Solar Distributed Collector Power Plant: In this type of power plant a very large area is needed because collectors are used. Parabolic dishes type collectors are used. [...]

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