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What are the ethical issues surrounding Genetically Modified food for humans?

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  1. Introduction
  2. The main problems with genetically modified food
  3. What is ethic?
  4. Five ethical problems of genetic engeneering
  5. Conclusion

Genetic engineering comes more under the topic of medicine than under the topic of food. From medical research, and, our centuries old conceptions of what humans are, and other ethical issues surrounding genetic engineering have been questioned. Decoding of the genome, praenatale diagnostics for recognizing possible hereditary damage, gene therapy, thus, for the transmission of animal organs to humans, mixing natures of humans and animals, clones, organ breeding from embryo main cells, are the topics which come under genetic engineering. In individual cases, these developments can be justified, but it is not to be surveyed that many specialists can simply play and experiment with genes.Because of the BSE crisis with the agrarian genetic engineering, other Gentech ranges were promoted by the Federal Government with billions of dollars and euros. The industry expects, with medical progress, genetic engineering in food can be accepted as natural.

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