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Ignorance is a Blight

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  1. Introduction
  2. How we harm ourselves
  3. The ideal of ignorance
  4. Reducing the use of chemicals
  5. What caused our ignorance towards our planet
  6. Works cited

Ever since modern humans have formed a cohesive society, they have slowly removed themselves from being manipulated by their surroundings, to being in direct control of the surrounding environment. One form of this control is the use of pesticides to keep crops, and various locations free of insects, some of which are carriers of disease. While humans are rampantly using these pesticides and insecticides, many remain blissfully unaware of the longterm effects and harm which said pesticides can wreak upon the environment. While many believe that these effects are irrevocable, there are those who do believe that change can be made. Only through education can humanity eventually repair the damage caused to earth.

[...] The fact that the male human is unwilling to accept this, as he prepares to join the other humans in the colonization of Mars, reflects the stubbornness of humans towards different ways of life, and accepting new ideas, as stated by Butler through Jodahs, might live a long time, but in the end you'll destroy yourselves? (10). Through the proper application of education these threats can be regulated and overtime resolved. Carson brings forth one method which could greatly reduce the use of chemicals. [...]

[...] While the fate of human life is not guaranteed, as species come and go, the fate of the planet, and its ability to sustain life is not out of our hands. While generations of the past have molded the environment in negative ways, seen through Carson's writing, it clearly shows humanity does have the capability to change life for the good of all creatures. The fact that the companies who create these chemicals ignore those who protest just makes the point that awareness of these chemicals needs to be raised. [...]

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