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Birth Control Pill: Research and Development

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  1. Introduction
  2. The creation of the pill
    1. The first movement
    2. The second movement
  3. Guinea pigs' trials
  4. Safety first or last?
  5. The first release
  6. Conclusion

Technology innovations are not neutral; instead they embody the values of their inventors. Those who hold power exercise their influence over technological preference and contraceptive technology is no exception. Active members of the Birth control movement in the West began to press for the development of new contraceptive methods mainly because they were searching for a quick solution to rising birth rates. As a result, hormonal contraceptive, ?The Pill? was presented to millions of women as liberating technology in the West. Additionally this was a solution to the unwanted pregnancies and high birth rates in the Third World (Hartman, 1996). Initially, it appears that the pill relieved the women from the hoary fear of pregnancy, and altered their ideas about health and reproduction. However, from another perspective, the early research and development of the pill opened up a new window for the commodification process. The use of hormones becomes a means of ?designing? commodities from what once Mother Nature produced and widely used by numerous pharmaceutical companies for capital accumulation. However, this internalization of nature is not problem-free (Castree, 2003).

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