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Cars and the environment in Britain

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  1. Introduction
  2. The economy factor
  3. Conclusion

Human beings always search for technical progress, the industrial revolution is a good example of this assertion but it is sometimes to the detriment of the nature. The invention of the car was decisive, thanks to it, time and space can be reduced but it has also some disastrous effects on the environment such as pollution. This particular problem can be seen in Great Britain, especially because the car is the most popular means of transport.

This essay will discuss, firstly, possible solutions to this problem and secondly the potential obstacles to these solutions.

First of all, the most obvious solution would be to improve public transport. Making it cheaper and reliable could make people use it more often.
Government intervention can also be useful. For example, imposing congestion charges can force people to use other means of transport instead of the car. This experience had begun in 2003 in London and it has had some good results. During the first year, ?congestion within the zone had fallen by 30 percent and there had been an increase of 29,000 bus passengers entering the zone during the morning peak period? (Office of National Statistics, 2005: 323).

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