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Climate change

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  1. Introduction
  2. Branches of climate adaptation plan
    1. Increase the efficiency of energy usage
    2. Improvements to the energy efficiency
    3. Respond to the issue of greenhouse gases affecting global temperatures
    4. Exploration and expansion of alternative sources of energy
  3. Conclusion

It is clear, in light of continuing climate change evidence that action must be taken to respond to these developing conditions and to prepare for potential future problems. The most important component of any action plan is maintaining our drive for scientific research into the effects of global warming and the tools we will use to meet these looming challenges.

[...] These are viable options that can provide our nation with tremendous amounts of energy, if we can maintain our commitment to this climate change transition. While transitions are not always easy, the government can reward and support those who chose to bring energy efficiency and conservation into their lives and home. The federal government will begin offering financial incentives for the purchase of energy or water efficient appliance, hardware, home insulation supplies, and personal vehicles. Credits will be granted on the annual tax return, as well as through the local PUD and water management facility. [...]

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