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Endangered Amazon ecosystem

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  1. Introduction
  2. The flood caused by Amazon river
  3. Amazon as a big source of potential medicine and biodiversity
  4. Strategy of local governments
  5. Peru's creation of the Alto Puruacute's reserved zone
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

The Amazon Rain forest is split between nine nations, with more then half of it in Brazil. The whole Rain forest covers five and a half million square kilometers and represents more then half of all the rain forests on earth. It is estimated that its age would be at least 55 million years and that it was formed in the Eocene era. Each Rain forest on Earth is different from others and contains different species, plants, climate and ecosystem. Amazon Rain forest is one of the biggest natural resources, it is estimated that 20% of all oxygen is produced from its vegetation. Today rain forests cover around 6% of world's land, which is only half from what it used to be before.

The Amazon is the largest river basin and is one of the main sources of fresh water.

[...] Many migrants were encouraged to settle in the Amazon region, and took their farming methods along with them from other regions of Brazil, which were suited to other soils and climates, but inadequate for the Amazon region. Land productivity in the Amazon usually falls sharply after three years, which ends up forcing migrants to shift to other areas, where the deforestation, forest burning and crop growing cycle is repeated, alongside soil degradation processes. Soybean farming and cattle ranching are among the most acute causes of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. [...]

[...] While not as major a problem as the conversion of jungle to farmland, wood exploitation, or hydroelectricity, gold mining has posed a serious environmental pollution threat in the Amazon Rainforest environment. When gold is mined in Brazil, it is separated through the use of mercury into valuable metal. As a result of the use of mercury, the soil, air, and water in certain regions of Brazil have become heavily polluted with mercury, and the surrounding environment suffers as plants and animals are poisoned. [...]

[...] As more and more people have moved further from the coast and deeper into the Amazon region, beginning in full during the twentieth century, practices such as the ones mentioned above have become more and more widespread. A major cause of degradation to the Amazon Rainforest environment is the practice of wood extraction. Trees such as mahogany, cerejeira Brazilian, wood cherry, peroba, and the Brazil-nut are all popular with the wood industry. Large areas of the forest will be cleared for the trees deemed valuable within. [...]

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