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Energy efficiency: The UK potential for wind power

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  1. Wind turbines
    1. Horizontal axis wind turbines
    2. Vertical axis wind turbines
  2. The UK potential for wind power
    1. Requirments to install wind turbines
    2. The UK potential
  3. Advantages and disadvantages for the wind turbines
  4. Comparision with France and Denmark
  5. Some innovations which could increase the UK potential
  6. Conclusion

In the present economical and ecological context, finding new, cheaper and less polluting power sources is a major issue.

No miracle solution can replace fossil energies and nuclear power. However, some sources of energy could be interesting alternatives. Among these, wind power appears to be one of the most promising and is actually booming. Moreover, researchers find every day important innovations to improve this technology.
Nevertheless, some requirements are essential to install wind turbines. This fact limits the possibilities of setting up.

The United Kingdom has a certain advantage over other European countries. Indeed, it has the highest annual mean wind speed and a pretty large offshore wind resource.

But the National Grid is an important brake of this expansion because it is not fit to receive this added power. In order to do so, projects have to be delayed until it has been updated.

If the UK wants to reach its objectives in terms of parts of wind power in energy consumption, the country should invest a lot of money and make important changes.

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