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Energy in Europe

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  1. Introduction
  2. Energy security: What are the risks ?
    1. Long term and short term
    2. Import is not the real problem
  3. The Russian dependence, but not only
    1. The relationship with Russia
    2. The Nabucco Project
    3. The Euromed
  4. The Future
  5. Conclusion and references

The European model of development after the Second World War was based on the use of cheap energy, with little environmental consideration. This model resulted in considerable economic development, that of the "Thirty Glorious Years". In 1973 and 1979, two oil shocks dented this previously successful model. The West became aware of its dependence on all oil. Economic growth slowed down sharply. Thirty years later, a new shock is emerging: the oil shock, with the price of a barrel of oil settled in the vicinity of $ 140; environmental impact as well, with the threat of global warming. In this context, what is the power situation in the EU?

Concerning safety, it is useful to analyze the situation in Europe to understand the risks faced. An important distinction must be made between short-term security and long term security. Public opinion often tends to swing towards the first, which is to guard against unplanned supply disruptions, whether their origin is natural(hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, drought affecting hydroelectric production, lack of wind in areas of high concentration of wind turbines), political (embargo, war, strike), accidental (a shipwreck blocking the Turkish Straits, for example), or terrorist (ad libitum). This security may only affect a given geographic area: Europe or a member state or an area even smaller. But we should not forget the long-term security, which addresses a different and wholly general concern: does the growth of energy production succeed in monitoring the growth of the desired application?

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