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Solar energy as a viable commercial and industrial power source

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  1. Introduction
  2. Australia and solar energy production
  3. Solar power and consumption
  4. Using solar power by various sectors
  5. The flaws with other sources of energy
  6. The ethical impacts
  7. Conclusion
  8. Works cited

In almost all nations of the world, save for a few oil rich regions in the Middle East and Northern portions of North America, energy has to be purchased and imported. This is a system that leaves many countries without self-sufficiency and will likely bankrupt their governments. The needs for new, alternative energy uses are clear, the specific sources of these alternatives are still, yet, not agreed upon.

[...] Because the move toward solar use would come first through the industrial and commercial sectors, society, as a whole, will not notice the switch (Eisenberg and Nocera 2003, 17-20.) This is an appropriate place to pause and note that solar energy could be easily implemented within homes and private residences, it does not have to be limited to the public sphere. In actuality, it appears as the solar energy makes more sense for homes than it does for large-scale industrial buildings. [...]

[...] It takes little cost and manpower to extract (as it is a daily reoccurring event, and can be used very passively.) In areas of intense sunlight and clear exposure to the sun, solar power is a very viable and practical alternative to other energy sources. It is, perhaps, more unethical not to pursue viable energy alternatives. While technology has advanced to permit us knowledge over what can and should be done to limit our consumption of dangerous and depleting resources. [...]

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