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The future of the energy supply: How will we meet the global demand?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Evolution and Explanations of World Energy suppliers
    1. Coal
    2. Oil
    3. Natural gas
    4. Nuclear
    5. Renewable energy
  3. How will we meet Global Demand?
    1. Limitation of actual energy
    2. Increasing efficiency and new developments in energy consumption & energy production of primary energy
    3. New ways of energy production: the growth of renewable energy
    4. World policy toward energy
  4. Conclusion

In this report, both the actual energy demand and future energy demand will be analyzed. World population is actually estimated at six billion people, but in 2025 it could be almost 7.3 billion to reach 9.4 billion in 2050. Maybe, as the population trend shows, energy supply would not satisfy global demand in the future. As this paper will show, famous energy suppliers like coal, oil, natural gas and uranium would disappear in few years because they are exhaustible. However, much other energy is used, but it represents a little rate of world energy production. Contrary to fossil energies (coal, oil, natural gas) which pollute, renewable energies are not. Thus, the actual question is to know how we can satisfy future global demand. To answer to this problem, in the first section, we are going to explain each kind of energy and analyze their evolution until today. In the second part, we will analyze the different solutions, methods and policies which can meet future global demand of energy. We are going to speak about the limitations of actual energy. However, we will see that renewable energy is the best solution to meet global demand and decrease pollution. Finally, in this part, we will explain how new environmental policies could improve world environment.

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