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The rainforests: Deforestation and conservation

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  1. Introduction
  2. The tropical rainforests
    1. The benefits of rainforests
    2. The harm caused by destroying them
    3. Combating the disastrous effects of deforestation
    4. Tourism and conservation
  3. Examples of effective Integrated Conservation and Development Projects
    1. Annapurna Conservation Area Project
    2. Agrícola Aiko de Talamanca Project
  4. Two powerful examples of the utilization and positive results of ecotourism
    1. The mountains of Southwest China
    2. The forests of Madagascar
  5. The work done by Conservation International
  6. Conclusion

Deforestation is a very real and very serious problem which we are being faced with around the world. Unfortunately, environmental issues are often put on the back burner in our government's policies. Although the destruction of our environment has been a pressing concern for many years, this issue continues to be largely ignored. Taking the well-being of our environment for granted can, and does, have horrendous effects. As recently brought to the public attention in a film by Al Gore entitled, An Inconvenient Truth, the Earth is experiencing a severe climate crisis which the government time after time again refuses to acknowledge. Clearly, there are many political motivations behind the denial of these environmental concerns.

[...] Conservation International has also worked closely with business owners and developers to educate them in regard to the need to develop a smarter kind of ecotourism. Madagascar suffers tremendously from slash-and-burn agriculture, cattle grazing, mining, and unchecked logging. These actions have effectively stripped four-fifths of the country's forests. Recent studies by the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science (CABS) at Conservation International indicate that if the rate of forest reduction remains at current levels, all of Madagascar's forests will be lost within 40 years. [...]

[...] While these establishments and high rates of tourism are ?strengthening the local economy?, they are also ?straining the conservation area's resources?[10]. In an effort to combat this detrimental development, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project was initiated. While the lodges continue to exist and tourism continues to escalate, in working with the local native peoples, the project has established ?sanitary standards for the lodges, a mandate for kerosene (rather than fuel wood) uses in lodges, and a monitoring system for illegal logging and poaching in the conservation area?[11]. [...]

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