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Water's role in the weather and the sustenance of life

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is a dew
  3. The moisture
  4. The land of Egypt
  5. The horizon
  6. Condensation
  7. Forms of water
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

This brings to mind the question; what then is, water? Water seems like such a simple thing. Water is a fluid substance that makes up more than three fifths of the earth's surface. It is an absolutely necessary element for the sustenance of all life on earth including animal, human and plant. It is also important to note that without water; there would be no dew and no rain.

[...] All plants and vegetables in fact have the power to change the form of water. Fish and amphibians also can decompose water in a different way than plants. Amphibious animals are able to live inside and outside water. By decomposing, this means that plants, amphibians and fish are able to separate the original body of water into several parts. How do vegetables decompose water? Vegetables decompose water to nourish their body processes with it. Water naturally combines with their fluid gases and the gases present in air and earth to form the new products they need for nourishment. [...]

[...] The Bible in fact speaks many times of "the dew of Heaven," that was promised to the people of Israel as a showing of God's pleasure with, and love for them. Dew is considered a luxurious thing that encourages flourishing growth. However, where does this vapor come from? By definition, vapor is a form of water that is combined with some form of heat. This drives apart the particles that make up the water in its original form and creates an airborne material or form of water. [...]

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