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Ecology in the United States

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  1. Journey to the heart of the optical fiber
    1. Optical memory
    2. Brief history
    3. Principle of the fiber
    4. Sources and detectors of light energy
    5. Comparison with the copper wire
    6. Limitations of the optical fiber
  2. Applications of optical fiber
    1. Telecommunications (Erbium and TP)
    2. Other applications.
  3. Appendices

The United States is now the largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions, with about 25% emissions. The US is recognized for their way of life that is environmentally friendly. One needs to make a short stay in the U.S. to see the big 4x4, the "greedy gas cars", and have become very popular with Americans. More and more Americans have become isolated on the international scene by refusing, for example, to sign the Kyoto Protocol that was ratified. Some 150 countries including Russia were part of the big polluters. In order to meet the rising concerns of almost all scientists, the Bush administration continued to ignore the problem by pursuing, among other examples, the conquest of black gold combustion which is now recognized as the main cause of global warming. Meanwhile, the melting of glaciers, that disappeared gradually, threatened the species that were on the verge of extinction. The problem of water is not reassuring: one in five has no access to drinking water and drought threatened many areas such as Kenya where farmers were under attack by elephants, and became much more aggressive by the lack of water. Although it is not clear if all disorders are attributable to global climate, one should still respect the precautionary principle, which refused the United States significantly. Yet, it may not be a national problem because global warming was caused by necessary effects to other agents who were often the poorest and least able to respond quickly and effectively to the challenges they faced. One can blame unilateral and multilateral effects for the situation. That said, it would be a shame to stop at this prospect. The U.S. is certainly a very big polluter, but also a country whose culture is heavily imbued with the sense of space and wilderness, the wilderness, which led to the happiness of the first settlers. Environmentalism was also born overseas and the U.S. approaches in environmental matters have necessarily influenced the political ecology in Europe and worldwide. The title of this essay can be confusing because the ecology is defined in the U.S. as a scientific discipline and should be differentiated from the European political ecology.

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