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Do you think the U.N is an appropriate institution to fight the effects of climate change?

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  1. Environmentalism is a concept which implies as well human ressources as financial
  2. How to overcome these difficulties
  3. Looking for a global institution

In order to counteract global warming, some people advocate ecological policies which would be instituted by the United Nations. It is reality and an indisputable fact that the United Nations is not an organization built to serve this era and even if it does accommodate this sector, it is and does provide the best solutions to overcome the environmental obstacles. Environmentalism is a concept which implies human as well as financial resources. The daughter of the League of Nations does not possess either of the implications in abundance to accommodate environmentalism as a full time venture. Although, the daughter of the League of Nations has grown since the post-war world, and in the dark coping with climatic changes, she was founded for other reasons of working and striving towards world peace. It was not created for ecology. The member countries of the UN are present only to dodge a global conflict, and an ?ecohazard', seems far fetched. How many experts in biodiversity are held by the United Nations? The answer to this generic question is ?not even one.' Moreover, there are no control mechanisms for pollution control in the United Nations. In other words, there is no possibility to sanction ecological abuses.

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