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Evolution of the Czech Agriculture after the Arrival of the Czech Republic in the European Union (2004)

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  1. Presentation of the Czech Republic
    1. General presentation of the country and its agriculture
    2. The Czech Republic into the European Union
  2. The European Union and the Common Agricultural Policy
    1. The European Union
    2. The Common Agricultural Policy
    3. The French agriculture into the European Union
  3. Evolution of the Czech agriculture since its accession to the European Union (2004)
    1. The Czech agriculture before 2004
    2. Consequences of CAP on Czech agriculture

Despite an agricultural sector which is well developed for a country of the post soviet union, the Czech Republic is mainly an industrial country which is one of the healthiest countries of eastern Europe and which joined the European Union during the biggest expansion of the European organization in 2004. The industrialization of the Czech Republic is old and the country was one of the ten richest countries of the world at the beginning of the previous century due to its early and risky industrialization by Tomas Bata who developed his shoes factory and improved the entire city. With a long period under the communist reign, the Czech Republic lost an important part of its prosperity but knew a revival from 1989 till now, where the Czech Republic has become a European Union member. With this accession, the Czech agricultural sector had to answer to important obligations but had take benefits of the EU agricultural policy. We will study the evolution of the Czech agriculture since the entrance of the Czech Republic into the European Union in 2004 and analyze how the Common Agricultural Policy influenced the Czech agriculture.

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