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A European model poised to expand?

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  1. The EU's incompleteness, its complexity and lack of coherence are obstacles to the expansion of the European model(s)
    1. The European model: a tree that can't grow on foreign soil
    2. The uncertainties of the emerging system
    3. The illusion of a Social model
  2. There are European models poised to expand
    1. The EU, in co-operation with its partners, should devise some democratically accountable way of handling globalization, a new kind of global governance
    2. Europe offers the highly attractive models of reconciliation and responsibility (a community of values)
    3. The Enlargement issue: The European model(s) will expand !

The European model of integration is highly developed when compared to other countries. European regionalism is the only regionalism in the international system where there is an attempt to democratize politics above the level of the state to enhance a decisive shift from diplomacy to politics. With single market, uniform (single) currency, co-operation among national governments has enabled the EU to achieve a high level of economic integration. The Union promotes values like justice and fair play, sustainability and subsidiary, transparency and democratic accountability. They are a part of Europe's distinctive political and ethical heritage. For the first time, Europe and the EU have been able to come up with modles like the model of integration (which can be subdivided in social, economic and political/governance models), a model of reconciliation between two countries (France and Germany), a model of human rights etc.

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