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Borders of the European Union

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Mosaic of identities
    1. Punjabi
    2. The Sindhis
    3. Mohajirs
    4. Pathan and Baluchi minorities
    5. Kashmiris
  3. The political construction of national identity
    1. The notion of national identity
    2. Pakistani Muslim identity or identities ?
    3. Language:Unifying or divisive ?
    4. Foreign policy and national identity
  4. Conclusion

Any country of Europe and the prospective member of the European Union would share the European project, as the roots of its project are partly present at their land. This gap in defining Europe's borders would have a major concern on European public opinion and help to nourish an anti-European sentiment.

In this regard, it is argued that any plan applied to territories can succeed only if it is consistent with the people and cultures that are living in these territories. Consequently, the European Union cannot remain a geographical unidentified object. It will succeed only if it can define its geography, which is to say all the territories where it can drive a project which benefit to both its citizens and aid to set up peace and prosperity in the world.

The search for the identification of the European Union necessarily leads to question the existence of a territory of the European Union. Reading the Treaty on European Union in this regard is futile since no reference to the notion of a Union territory. The review of the territorial scope of Community law does not have some use as it covers a territory actually variable geometry depending on the skills involved community, facilities obtained by the Member States and especially to the achieving enlargements.

In reality, the EU is a geopolitical project, not a territory as the project is emerging from the Second World War for, the creation of an area of peace, prosperity and freedom. Thus, under Article 49 the TEU of the Lisbon Treaty, "Any European State which respects the values referred to in Article 2 and is committed to promoting them may apply to join the Union." Two criteria are thus posed: one geographic, the other political or ideological. But if this article and many others to list then what are European values, the remaining amount as stated in earlier texts, no geographical definition of what is meant by Europe is given and never has been since the beginning of European construction.

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