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Does the European Union follow a regulated foreign policy?

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  1. Progressive liberalization and planned trade (GATT 1947)
    1. 'The most favored nation' clause
    2. National Treatment
    3. Condemnation of quantitative restrictions on trade
  2. Towards an increasing institutionalization (the Marrakesh Accords, 1994)
    1. Regulatory role of the DSB
    2. Clarifications to existing agreements
    3. New areas within the scope of the regulation of the WTO
    4. Social and environmental concerns

Shortly after the Second World War, Europe rebuilt itself on a new basis: mutual aid and cooperation. The second half of the twentieth century was a phase of European integration for all European countries. But at the same time, the world witnessed the quick rise of both Soviet and American blocs, potential competitors in the continent's quest for emerging as the leading power.

Old Europe attempted to find a place in the global political spectrum through cooperation and mutual aid. Different governments tried to materialize foreign policy with one voice to counterbalance the two giants that surrounded them.

The underlying reason behind the formation of the European Union was both an attempt to rebuild the continent around an axis of economic assistance and an attempt to unite the foreign policies of its member states about a diplomatic axis. One might ask why importance was given to foreign policy by the European institution if the body was just there to practice power from the beginning of European integration till now.

Tags: European integration, Rise of the EU, EU foreign policy

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