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"Decision making in the EU": the role of the presidency of the Council

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  1. The actions of the Executive over the Legislature
    1. Censorship
    2. Dissolution
  2. The actions of the legislature over the executive
    1. Procedure issues
    2. Limits of a vote

Decision making within the European Union requires the many ones and various procedures in which the presidency of the Council has a particularly important specific role. The objective of this paper-account-returned seminar of simulation on the methods of decision making in the European Union will aim thus to target more concretely the role of this presidency in the various procedures, like its particular work in the various negotiations.

It is useful however before starting to define more precisely than recovers the term "presidency of the Council" within the European Union. First of all, it should be stressed that the Council is one of the principal centers of political decision of the European Union: it is indeed within the Council of the European Union that meet the Ministers for the Member States to ensure the coordination of the economic policies, to define the PESC, to conclude from the international agreements, to ensure the coordination of the action as regards police and legal co-operation, to adopt the Community budget in partnership with the European Parliament, and finally to exert a legislative power, generally in joint decision with the European Parliament.

Moreover, in the political organization of the European Union, the Council is chaired in turn by each Member State for one six months period (from January to June, and July to December), according to a pre-established order. Thus, "great" and "small" States, "old men" and "new" members can ensure egalitairement and in a successive way the presidency of work. Nevertheless within this Council, it is more particularly the presidency which is commonly regarded as an actor of first rank, insofar as this plays a central role in the organization of work of the institution, in particular in the impulse of the decision-making process legislative and political and in the development of the compromises likely to solve the problems.

It is thus what we will try to analyze to have a more concrete idea of this work of first order. The Council Presidency was first a specific role in regard to the organization of work, whether in terms of programming of Council activities over the period or in a more down-to-land preparation sessions and methodology.

During the simulation exercise, this exercise was done particularly in the drafting, in conjunction with the Secretary-General, the reports of the readings, to centralize the different positions of the Member States to focus the debate on the possible differences of point view, or even to ensure that each representative has a talk time of egalitarian.

Tags: European Union, Member States, international agreements, European Parliament, political organization, council presidency, Secretary-General

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