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Difficulties encountered by the delegations of the European Union

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  1. Main conflicts in Africa resulted from the fragility of states following the decolonization process and re-appropriating modes of administrations of former colonial powers
    1. The new states were unable to regulate the tensions inherent due to the presence of many ethnic and religious disparities
  2. The fragility of the state was born as a result of structural inability to exercise its sovereignty and control territory
    1. Resources were the coveted constants that states failed to master
    2. The failure of the state space opened to the presence of many destabilizing transnational actors in pursuit for interests
  3. Conflicts in Africa have also exacerbated by geopolitical and strategic stakes of the great powers in Africa seeking to maximize their power
    1. Africa was a breeding ground for indirect confrontation of the great powers
    2. The post-Cold War saw the emergence of new types of low intensity conflicts
  4. Conclusion

Delegations of the European Union are the players present at the core of the foreign policy of the Union.

However, they have shown their limits quickly, hence expressing the clear need for renewal of these services. It is important to observe in detail the shortcomings of these delegations, either within these structures, or in an intergovernmental logic, distorting the 'rules of the game', preventing the federal project of a genuine European foreign policy. The current regime of the EU is relatively complex, sometime which makes work difficult.

Department heads have often cited the fuzzy example on the tasks that need to be performed in the country. They thus have a wide margin of maneuver which is intended to allow more flexibility in relation to guidelines.

Tags: delegations of European Union, difficulties encountered, European foreign policy

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