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Do European people exist?

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  1. Introduction
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A nation is a group of individuals that form a historical community at some point in time and share a sense of belonging. What binds the members of a people can be: a shared past, a common territory, religion, language or values.

We also note that the word 'people' can have different connotations: it is accepted as the sub-base and average of a population, the people can also be the populus, as opposed to the Senate in Rome, where the word 'people' takes a political sense.

It is an entity, which has rights, including that of forming a nation. It is clear that the concept of European people is imbued with politics.

But first, we'll see what we can say about the European people being a reality, taken in the sense of historical community.

Europe has ancient roots and clearly there is, indeed, a legacy of beliefs that Europeans are collectively holders.

Greek philosophers today can say that history is driven by a "European philosophy" that has become an asset class. Europe retains the mark of the Roman Empire in the manners, society, institutions, thought and law, among other areas.

There was also the Holy Roman Empire of the Carolingians, who failed with his score to the Treaty of Verdun, but the claim to universal European power will not leave the great European dynasties.

Tags: European people, communities, nation

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