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Does the Constitutional Treaty provide an answer to the difficulties of EU governance ?

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  1. Transparency
    1. A readable text?
    2. A clarified repartition of competences?
    3. A clarified institutional balance?
  2. Democracy
    1. The strengthening of Parliaments
    2. The added value of new governance
  3. Efficiency
    1. Simplifying the legal instruments
    2. Improving the decision-making rules and stabilizing the institutions
    3. The issues around flexibility

Before studying the outcome of the EU government, we must analyze the concrete difficulties faced by it. A few of the main aspects of the difficulties in EU governance may be realized from the Commission's White Paper (2001) and the 2004 report. According to the Commission, the main problems are the relationships of the EU with the citizens and the "Civil Society", and an inefficient and no-transparent lawmaking system. The Commission focuses on the visible aspect of European governance from the point of view of the governed. A look into the functioning of the EU system is also required to embrace a broad view in the difficulties of governance. There, according to the literature on the subject, the difficulties faced are related to the institutional balance of the EU, with the different sources of legitimacy. As the Member States want to keep control of the organization they have built, supranational governance is needed to reach some common objectives. EU. As a consequence, the EU has developed as a complex political system with multiple safeguards and checks and balances. The whole system thus tries to navigate between the rocks of paralysis and illegitimacy while being understandable and efficient for its citizens. EU governance and its difficulties now being clarified, it is time to answer our main question, which is as follows: is the CT providing solutions to these difficulties? This study will be conducted through the objectives of transparency, democracy and efficiency. These objectives can sometimes be overlapping or opposing to each other, but they all aim at reinforcing the legitimacy of the EU.

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