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Economic changes after the 2008 Crisis: Impact on the Scottish people’s opinion regarding devolution, the European Union and independence

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During the 15th October 2012 meeting in Edinburgh between the British Prime Minister David
Cameron and the SNP (Scottish National Party) leader Alex Salmond, an agreement was reached to plan an Independence Referendum in autumn 2014. Although, Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom since 1707, the date of the treaty of Union , it kept some independent institutions such as its own ?Church, royal burghs, education and legal systems? (Keating, 2010: 18). Moreover, in 1998 Scotland established its own Parliament . The history of its establishment is worth mentioning. In 1979, a first referendum was organised. A small majority of voters answered ?yes?, yet because of a ?particular wrecking amendment, proposed by Labour MP George Cunningham? (Lynch, 2001: 10) stating that 40% of the Scottish electorate (meaning not those who actually vote) should answer ?yes', the referendum was a failure and a Scottish Parliament was not established.

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