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Economic exchanges between France and Germany

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  1. Introduction
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Sharing the same desire to advance the construction of Europe, France and Germany are often set up in the opposition in the past, when it was a question of translating this commitment into action in the economic and monetary domain. At present, economic borders between the two countries have almost disappeared. The trade or the commercial exchanges makes each partner the other. In 1998, a German journalist formulated his skepticism about the imminence of the European Economic and Monetary Affairs: "Germany and France have no common thought in economic and social terms.? However, cooperation between the two countries is evident when one focuses on partnerships in place.

Indeed, the economic borders between the two countries have virtually disappeared. The industrial projects reinforce this process, considered and supported by the willingness of governments, leading from the early 1970s major technological and commercial success of European industry, including Airbus, Eurocopter and Arianespace. In the twin processes of globalization and European integration, German and French economies have been increasing in recent decades, their economic interdependence in political solidarity in fact, made possible thanks to the many agreements between the two countries.

Tags: Franco-German cooperation, European Economic and Monetary Affairs

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