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Energy challenges facing the European Union

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  1. Introduction
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The question of energy holds special interest for France. During the oil crisis in the mid Seventies, we made the choice of the adopting an "all nuclear" policy. Since then, our energy policy has propelled the country to the top ranks in the field of research and development, therefore becoming the obvious choice for a European model. However, the conflicting perspectives presented by our neighbors have called into question our capability of providing such a model.

This raises the question regarding the possibility of the establishment of a European energy policy and if this common policy would be aligned on our example. The problem is that these threats appear to come from several sides at once. At first observation, this threat seems to come mainly from oil and gas. Second event, the attacks, and in particular an attack off Yemen perpetuated against a super tanker in 2003 showing that terrorism can be directed to hydrocarbon carriers.

Tags: EU energy policy, oil prices, renewable energy resources

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