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Enlargement of the European Union

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  1. Journey to the heart of the optical fiber
    1. Optical memory
    2. Brief history
    3. Principle of the fiber
    4. Sources and detectors of light energy
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In his work, "The Crisis of the Mind", Paul Valery has said that Europe has an identity that is fundamentally open. Europe has always wanted to be cosmopolitan, and in order to fulfill this vision, it has also embarked on an enlargement process. The enlargement of Europe began in 1952 with the Inner Six, who founded the European Coal and Steel Community.

Today, the European Union has 27 nations as a result of this process, and is still continuing enlargement. This expansion of Europe has also been called European Integration. Apart from the fact that the EU is increasing in size, continuous enlargement has brought other issues, such as defining the space occupied by various territories, and defining the policies, into light.

The reconciliation of an extensive European identity has become one of the major topics in debates in the European Union today. Expansion has other disadvantages too. It comes at the cost of the European Union's power being questioned. The member nations are now questioning this continued enlargement, and are scared that they will get into a situation where they will have no political identity.

These fears about enlargement are legitimate, as the borders of the European Union remain undecided yet. This raises an important question: Is there a limit to the enlargement of the European Union? This question cannot be answered easily, as enlargement has always been of utmost importance to Europe.

This is also one of the most ambitious projects of Europe, since the signing of the Treaty of Rome. The EU has embarked on this enlargement project in order to reconcile the economy of United Europe with the geo-strategic vision of the European continent. It believes that this will help in establishing its weight and legitimacy in the international arena.

Tags: Enlargement of the European Union; reconciliation of economy; limit to enlargement; political identity; European Integration;

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