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Essay on the Baltic transitions and European integration

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  1. The remaining Russian influence in the region in the early 90's, and the delay to Baltic countries' integration within NATO
  2. The Baltic cooperation and the first steps in the NATO framework
  3. The movement of the reform as the sesame for NATO membership?

On the aftermaths of the second Word War, the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) were deprived of their independence by being absorbed by the CCPR. After being occupied by the German troops, the countries were freed by the Red Army and the loss of independence was not complicated to accomplish for the Soviet block. Then, the Cold War began and the Baltic countries were a part of the Eastern block. In 1990 and 1991, the three Republics proclaimed their independence from Moscow. The consequence of independence for such small countries, both by inhabitants and size, was the need for security. However Russia recognized the independence and this didn't mean the end of the influence of this powerful bordering neighbor. Russia remained as a major power, both at the international level and within the Baltic region. So the main purpose of the three states was to find security alliances in the West, without provoking Russia which aimed at controlling the region. At that time, the European Union was one of the options to guarantee security and prosperity.

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