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Fighting terrorism in Hungary

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  1. History
  2. Hungary
  3. Prevention
    1. Financing of terrorism
    2. Cyber - terrorism
    3. Airport security
  4. Protection
    1. Europol
    2. Hungarian Anti -Terrorism Coordination Committee
  5. Prosecution
    1. The European Arrest Warrant
    2. Eurojust

Terrorism has been plaguing mankind for many years and it is not an unknown phenomenon to the European Union either. The dangers of terrorism present consistent problems in some of the member States in the European Union. This is because of different kinds of terrorist organizations and groups that operate in particular in Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. There are several approaches to finding the origins of terrorism. Modern age terrorism has been following from the 1850s. It has two causes: the industrial revolution and anarchism. After the assassination of Alexander II of Russia and the French foreign secretary in Marseille, the first international convention against terrorism was adopted in 1934. A new era started in the fight against terrorism after September 11, 2001 all over the world. Consequently, the European Union and Hungary could not be left out. This essay underlines the gravity of the current issues in terrorism and emphasizes the need for expediting and fine-tuning cooperation among organizations established to combat terrorism.

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