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Is the European Union a great power?

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As we generally consider the origin of the European Union synonymous with the Maastricht Treaty, we can take the year 1992 as the starting date for the context of this study.

Power corresponds to "the willingness and ability of a player to do or not do, but also to make or keep doing". The power does not exist in absolute terms but in relation with the other, it depends on the balance of power and the perception of this play of forces."

One can wonder if the EU can become a world power. Is it conceivable that a political player who is not a state - even if it tries to get the de facto status - could achieve the status of great power? Is there compatibility between the European project and the very idea of power?

The European Union constitutes only 7.3% of world population and represents 30.42% of the global GDP. Thus an economic power and market power by the first instance it is the biggest exporter of services to the U.S. which is not negligible because the sector is a major sector in our modern society.

It is also a Power with the euro currency, with the establishment of the ECB which handles the monetary policy across the Union. In addition, legislators in the European Union, for example, the chemicals that force other countries to converge on European directives affirm the leadership of European standards on the world, given the global economic weight of the European Union.

Tags: European Union as a world power, Maastricht Treaty

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