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The immigration process and the Eastern Border of Europe

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  1. How immigration flows have become structural at the Eastern border?
  2. What kind of European policy to curb migration flows?
  3. How the different actors may have to act in order to adapt to these transformations?

In 2004, the admission of ten new States within the European Union has expanded the European borders to the East. Now, the Union has common borders with countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and the Federation of Russia, whose standards of living or rate of employment are less important than those of the new members, apart from those of the fifteen old members. This discrepancy will certainly increase as the integration on the European Union is likely to benefit to the development of the new members. Moreover, because of the Shengen agreements, there is a freedom of movement within the "Shengen space". That is why, the perspective of the integration made the Western European countries fear they might have to face a surge of immigrants, not only from the new member states but also from their new neighbors. As sociologist Jacques Barou puts it "The problem of these new members of the European Union is far more likely to result from their difficulties to control the entrances through their oriental borders than to limit the exodus of their nationals through occidental borders?.

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