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The implications of the European Union CARDS programme in Bosnia Towards sustainable development?

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  1. The present political situation in BiH as a weakness for sustainable economic development
  2. The CARDS regulation, the EU policy in BiH.
  3. The consequences of the EU Policy and limits of EU aid
  4. Proposals for another strategy (country strategy assistance)
  5. The whole question of development

In December 1995, the Dayton Peace agreement was signed, putting an end to the war in Bosnia, that started more than three years before. The agreement led to the creation of a new sovereign State, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), with a dual structure, and with a Serbian majority, covering 49% of the State Territory; and the Federation of BiH, where the Muslims and Croats are living. Since then, the International Community has been exceptionally active. Many programmes have been launched under the protection of the United Nations, the World Bank, the OSCE and the European Union (member Stated and European Community). However, the situation is still problematic because of the economic situation. The European Union has a special role to play in Bosnia, not only because of the failure of its foreign policy during the war in Yugoslavia and its consequences, but also because Bosnia is the key country in the Balkans, whose stability has serious consequences on the European Union itself.

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