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The Linguistic Minority Groups in a Comparative Perspective: Spanish, French and Swedish

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  1. The French example: how can a State be able to deal with its language minority without erasing its traditional vision of the national unity?
  2. The example of Spain: the danger of the separatism due to the potential radicalization of the language and regional minorities
  3. The particularity of the Swedish Speaking Finns: a community which is far from both examples

In this essay I will try to study the status and the existence of the Swedish speaking Finns in a wider perspective. I personally think that comparisons and international studies are a way to improve the study of a phenomenon. That's why I will try in this essay to give a different way of looking and studying this problem owing to a comparative perspective. This would be, in a way a different angle to tackle with the problem of the condition of this language minority in Finland. This will be a way to define language minority and the particularities of the Swedish speaking Finns. Then, by studying the different policies in other countries, I will try to propose Finland for the Swedish speaking Finns. One could answer that the risk of such comparisons is to loose oneself in different examples and to break the links between what is actually shared in the everyday life of the different minorities.

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