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The origin of Europe

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  1. Introduction
  2. A potential economic and ecological importance
    1. A possible flexibility of the treaty for a future operation?
    2. Climatic upheaval with multiple outcomes
  3. Towards recognition of indigenous peoples
  4. The Arctic: a military zone that is highly strategic
  5. Conclusion

In this paper we will trace the history of Europe back to its origins and also look at some of the legends and myths that surround the facts of its foundation.

In the second century of our era, in the heyday of the Roman Empire, it covered the entire Mediterranean basin and extended to Asia Minor. The 'Pax Romana' (or Roman Peace) was developing a culture that was inspired by Greek humanism and the Christian religion which constitutes the basis of the "European civilization".

800: In this year, Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the West and this event marked the unification of Western Europe under a single crown. During his lifetime, he was called Charlemagne Europae Pater (Father of Europe).

1807 was the peak of the Napoleonic Empire. It was his desire to unify Europe. At the time of his coronation by the Pope in 1804, the new emperor is believed to have said "I have not succeeded Louis XVI, but Charlemagne."

Tags - Charlemagne, Napoleon, origins of Europe

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