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The strategy behind energy-related aspects of European neighborhood policy

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  1. Introduction.
  2. An external policy to serve Europe's energy interests.
    1. Functionning markets.
    2. Diversification.
  3. Integration of energy markets and infrastructure projects.
  4. Security through networks and focus on markets and modernisation.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Literature.

The paper notes that the EU will increasingly rely on energy supplies from neighboring countries. Needless to say that among the principles and motives of the ENP, energy has a major role since it is obvious neighboring countries have resources (oil and gas) the EU needs to secure. For instance Europe receives gas from (or via) several neighboring countries (Algeria; Azerbaijan ? via Georgia; Libya; Russia ? through various channels including via Belarus and Ukraine). How is energy handled in ENPs? Within the frame of the ENP, which strategy is adopted concerning energy? Talking about a strategy, we should first define the goals (of this strategy); then identify the means used to achieve these goals; and see if these means are fully consequent with the desired goals.

[...] We also want to help with regional integration between our partners.? The energy approach of the ENP is about energy security but about traditional notions of energy supply (infrastructures, pipelines). Renewable energies are hardly mentioned in all strategy papers in spite of the potential of neighbouring countries. Important issues are handled in the energy ENP approach. Indeed the EU must guarantee through its strategy the security of fossil fuel supply. The improvement of the internal energy market and its extension should [...]

[...] For example, the ENP Strategy Paper (2004) addresses energy-related regional objectives: - The Eastern Borders of the EU: the objective is to joint infrastructure and security projects in the sectors of energy and transport. - The Mediterranean zone: the effort is to offer assistance in the planning of networks to facilitate trade and access to the EU market. Above all, the Strategy stresses the economic benefits of access to the EU internal energy market. It seems to be driven by EU energy market liberalisation ideologies. [...]

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