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To what extent does the European Union enhance or undermine democratic governance?

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  1. The main criticisms about the European Governance
    1. A criticised balance of powers between the European Institutions
    2. What about the principles of 'good governance'?
  2. The Union: a new form of democratic governance
    1. Democracy: an imperative in the European Union
    2. The constant progress of democratisation
    3. The European willingness for 'a better governance'
    4. The Constitutional Treaty and its positive impact on the EU governance

In a recent article published in The Times, the French President, Jacques Chirac affirmed that, "the evolution of the world towards a multipolar situation is inevitable. In consequence, from today, the European Union should play a great role in the global governance?. He outlined his willingness to lead the European Union (EU) as a counter-power to the United States. This willingness of President Chirac to give a real status to the EU in the global governance raises the problem of governance within the Union itself. Indeed, how can we envisage a legitimate European intervention in the global system, if the rules of the democratic governance are not respected within the EU? We have to wonder to what extent the European Union enhances or undermine the democratic governance.

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