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Was European Political Cooperation a failure?

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  1. EPC's aims
  2. EPC's outcomes faced with the stated aims
    1. Procedural objectives
    2. Policy objectives

Tsakalloyannis has described the European Political Cooperation (EPC) in 1991 as ?Two decades of slow progress and immobilism'.Even the federalists have blamed and pointed fingers at the EPC for its inefficiency and described its intergovernmental process as a failure. However, these tough assessments need to be further investigated and studied. A rigorous methodological framework has been put into action. This paper does not aim at highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the EPC in accordance with personal criteria or beliefs. What is to be considered in this situation is the extent to which the outcomes have been met or in other words, whether the initial goals have been realized. If the majority of the objectives have been met, then EPC will be viewed as a success. If a majority of the objectives have not been realized, one has no choice but to accept that EPC was and is a constant failure. In this report, I will first focus on the initial expectations of the players that formed the EPC through the process of a detailed analysis of the declared aims of EPC since its initial launch. Secondly, I will focus on determining if EPCS's outputs, from 1970 to 1992 have been achieved based on the expectations. In other words, whether the pre-determined goals have been realized. In this regard, it is essential to note that two kinds of outputs will be addressed. The outputs are:
a. Procedural outputs and
b. Policy outputs.
My report will focus on demonstrating the fact that most of the EPC outputs did match the stated goals. In conclusion, EPC was all but a failure.

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