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A study of the relationship between the European Union and Hamas

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The economic action is a fundamental dimension that is almost exclusive to the foreign policy of the European Union. The EU is essentially a software power so far as it makes use of the economic instruments to influence the internal evolution of the organizations. It rather stresses on the diplomacy than on the coercive means and places the mediation at the center of the resolution of the conflicts. The European diplomacy thus seems effective when there is a question of promoting peace, values, and certain lifestyles but tends to be blown out quickly with regard to the management of the crises. The foreign policy of the EU has thus showed its limits and broad insufficiency in the peace agreements in Palestine. The EU first partnered economically and then was systematically marginalized compared to the United States. However, the defeat of Fatah and the take over pf power by Hamas in the legislative elections of January seem to put at the hegemony and superiority of the American presence in the area and again raised questions on the role that the EU should play in the Palestinian territories. It also posed some doubts on the relations that it will have to maintain with this movement. This document, will examine if the arrival of Hamas marks a rupture or continuity in the relations which the EU maintains with its neighbors.

The Hamas was founded in 1987, inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt) and then supported by Israel who see this as a way to challenge the hegemony that the PLO intends to conduct in the Palestinian territories. It opposes the Oslo Accords in 1993 that it considers unacceptable and therefore denies that the parties have signed it. In fact in its charter of 1988, there is a provision for the destruction of Israel and a Palestinian state from the Mediterranean to the kingdom of Jordan. Since 1993, Hamas has consistently asked that local elections be held where they could participate. Arafat has always denied involvement saying that allowing Hamas to participate in such elections would lead to the territories formation similar to "another Algeria." Tensions began really in 1994 after the killing of 29 Muslim militants in the mosque of Hebron, in which Hamas responded with suicide bombings directed against Israeli civilians. In the 2000s with the second Intifada, the Palestinian Authority with the armed wing of Fatah's Al Aqsa Brigades and the Al Qassam Brigades of Hamas moved closer while being fierce competitors 'competitive cooperation' (leaders of the two organizations come from the same neighborhood, were in the same prisons and share common interests).In addition, the fact that the PA has become more difficult to recognize this authority pushes Arafat to accept the demand of Hamas to cooperate in the governance of the state.

Tags: Hamas; Palestine; relationship between Hamas and European Union;

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