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« Dependent Territory » Aug 21st 2008, From the Economist print edition

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  1. The War in Georgia : a danger for Europeans countries
  2. The obligation to deal with Russia
  3. Personal opinion

The war in Georgia concerning the oil pipelines could be considered as a danger for Europeans countries, since Georgia is the host for some strategic pipelines. Actually, less than 3% of oil from Azerbaijan is imported to Europe via Georgia. Russia, which is the biggest supplier of oil and gas to the European Union, shows that the country can use the resource that represents oil and gas for strategical and political reasons. Indeed, Russia has already cut off the gas in Ukraine which was meant for Italy and Hungary, cut off imports of oil to Lithuania and gas to Belarus and Georgia. The position of Georgia is really important for both Europe and Russia as it represents a way of transportation through a pipeline. That is why European Union has always dreamt of securing the access to gas in Georgia. This tactic would have bypassed Russia and Europe would have controlled the imports of gas in Russia.

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