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Business Ethics: The China-Africa relationship

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  1. Introduction
  2. Factual predicate
    1. China in Africa
    2. The features of the Chinese presence in Africa
  3. The moral challenge
    1. Dilemmas
    2. Stakeholders and roles
    3. Risk and uncertainties
  4. Discerning the ethics of China citizenship
    1. Values and reputation
    2. Principles
    3. China practices
    4. China performance
  5. Critical thinking
    1. The human right respect
    2. The environment concerns
  6. Conclusion

On the one hand, Africa, the second most populous continent in the world with an estimated population of 945 million inhabitants in an area of 30 million km², a continent rich in natural resources (diamonds, gold, etc ) and natural resources (oil, coal, natural gas) but eternally the ugly duckling. A continent which would be headed by Machiavellian, murderous and corrupt elites. A continent whose people would be too poor and not educated enough to take their destiny into their own hands. Such a social scenario makes the continent dependent on direct lending by major international powers. On the other hand, China, the most populous country in the world (about 1.3 million) on an area of 9 million km ² is being projected as the new international predator, a China that seeks between communism and the chances and constraints of a world without liberal borders.

Today more than ever, the encounter between these two giants have captured the attention of the entire globe. Why so much concern?
Recent years have witnessed China's resurgence on the international scene, especially in Africa, hitherto the private reserve of Europeans and, to a less extent, the Americans. A cause for concern for some, opportunity for others, the reality of Chinese presence in Africa must be measured in its entirety.
Clearly, to what extent does the issue of ethics come into play with the Chinese presence in Africa?

What are the ethical challenges that China and Africa must overcome? What is the international perspective on the question of the relationship between China and Africa? First, we will look at the facts that bring China to Africa. Then we will describe the moral challenge posed by Chinese activity in Africa followed by the involvement of China in the continent. Finally, we will conclude with my personal views on the current and future situation.

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