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Africa and the question of ethnicity

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  1. Introduction
  2. Popular wall paintings
  3. Painting in Society
  4. Instrumentalization and commodification

Ethnicity can be understood as the spirit of preservation for a small nation that refuses to dissolve, losing its identity and history in a large ensemble. The historical unity would be at the origin of ethnicity. That is when some people wanted to conquer others, and established their hegemony over them in war, which may have been cultural, economic or religious, who refusing the bid or the abdication took refuge in ethnicity as a retreat into themselves on their history, origin, tradition, culture and religion to draw strength for resistance and survival.

Africa is a continent of diversity natural areas, peoples and cultures, ethnicity. This could be due to lack of information on alternatives or non-encounters with them. There also exists a phobia of others due to lack of contact and communication. Colonial boundaries, the independence or the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), are not enough to make a dispersed population a coherent whole, a people or a Nation in one stroke.

Africa has a very old story in our world. However, it is often regarded as the angle "Europe-centric" into three periods: in pre-colonial millennia of stability; Colonial in two centuries of modernity; Post-colonial decades of independence dependence.

The European view is fraught with biases context (African manipulated idea of race "hierarchy scientifically" in the nineteenth century). This is a Western invention of primitive African frozen in its tradition and its "ethnicity". It is surprising in a statement today questioned: the story begins with the writing; the people who do not write have no history, while the history of Africa is one of the cradles of humanity.

Tags: Africa; cradle of humanity; African ethnicity; historical unity; origin of ethnicity;

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