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Are Human Rights "western rights"?

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  1. China & Human Rights Violations
  2. The Development of African Human Rights Norms
  3. The Development of Courts of Enforcement
  4. The Recognition of Cultural Differences

This paper considers to determine whether human rights are merely western rights, by considering statutory instruments at the international level and the development of fundamental rights and freedoms through the advancement of these instruments and the positive and negative aspects of their application. Then, it is important to recognise the other legally binding instruments that have developed regionally, that serve to advance human rights norms in looking to determine whether the recognition of human rights means they are recognising them as western rights. Finally, it is necessary to look to conclude with a summary of the key issues derived from this discussion in looking to recognise the fact one of the key reasons why human rights may be considered as western rights is derived from the fact that, in legal systems, like that found in the UK, allowances are more frequently made in looking to recognise the differences that come with having ethnic minorities and different beliefs within a society in looking to determine whether the aforementioned view is true.

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