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Asia - Europe relations

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  1. Agreements with Asian countries
    1. Bilateral relations in the background
    2. ASEAN
    3. The 1980 Cooperation Agreement
  2. The new Asia? Cooperation policy up-to 1994
    1. New goals
    2. What is ASEM ?

Asia is a huge continent housing more than 60% of the world's total population, and which stretches physically from Afghanistan to Japan. Morevoer, the scale, cultural diversity, economic disparities and political divisions of Asia are clearly indomitable. In conceiving its relations with Asia, the European Union recognises more and more of these diversities and tries to aknowledge them. In the document 'Europe and Asia'; a strategic framework for enhanced partnerships (published september 2001)has been made. Accordind to it, Asia has been divided into 4 sub-regions : South Asia, South-East Asia, Northwest Asia and Australasia, each with its own priorities and action points. The EU has established a deep relationship with the South-East Asian area and at the same time tries to develop a multilateral dialogue with the other key Asian countries. To which extent are the relations of Europe and Asia is caracterized by the EU-ASEAN relationship or the ASEM process ?

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