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Australia's foreign policy on terrorism

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  1. Australian Foreign Policy Concerning Terrorism: Its Creation
  2. Implementation of Australia Foreign Policy Concerning Terrorism
  3. Australian Foreign Policy on Terrorism and the Asia Pacific Region
  4. Failure and Success of Terrorism Foreign Policy
  5. My Personal Judgment on the Australian Foreign Policy on Terrorism

Citizens and foreigners of a particular nation are entitled to security from their government. All the resources and manpower should be protected from invaders who may cause harm to people and property. As such, a good program against terrorism could improve the image of a country and thus investors, tourists and foreigners would be attracted to such a country. Wealth is therefore created because of the protected manpower and resources. Terrorism is one of the important aspects of national security. Terrorism is 'threats of violent actions for political purposes in a country by foreigners or cohorts in their own counries'. This mainly includes bombings of buildings, airplanes, airports or even vehicles. This leads to fear among residents and may lead to displacements or even people moving to other countries because, when such a thing happens, people are crippled and many deaths occur. Such destructions may cause a financial disaster, and hamper the concerned country's growth and development. A government therefore comes up with foreign policies concerning terrorism in order to deal with such attacks. Terrorism causes bloodshed, destruction of infrastructure and huge costs are incurred which may lead to seeking donor funds, or even grants. Thus, this topic is being chosen because of the importance for a country's development, and chooses Australia's foreign policy over terrorism as a case study.

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