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Britain' S relationship with the European Union: is this relationship best described as an "awkward partnership"?

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  1. Introduction
  2. On the division of powers
    1. The allocation of powers by States
    2. The exclusive competence of the Community
  3. Collaboration between the EU and member states
    1. Skills linking the EU and EU Member States
    2. A more active role for national parliaments

The will and the active co ¬ operation between independent sovereign states is the best way to build a successful European community. Margaret Thatcher's speech underlined the following reality: Britain did not want to accept a European Intrusion into their policies. However, this point of view could be debated. We have to think about the effectiveness of partnerships, feelings of members' populations, and must give every reason to the European Union for its existence. Indeed, member states are more or less acting in accordance with the decisions made by the European Union?s rules. The case of England underlines this notion of disagreement and brings many elements to understanding the past, present and future of Britain's action. Fifty years ago, the European project began. After the end of Second World War, some countries decided to create a common market. The Treaty of Rome (March 25, 1957) gave birth to the European project. In the beginning, the project was just an economic one, a symbol of liberal tradition in which the economy would be able to establish peace. Since 1950, the Cold War divided the world. The European project was an effective means of ensuring security and trade for all European courtiers. However, despite the British investment in the European project, Britain did not want to be one of the leading members. It can be noted from Britain's behavior and the United States' behavior "during the creation of The League of Nations. The accession of Britain to the European Union was criticized. Every European country used distressing nicknames like "the bad student of Europe" or "the sick man of Europe" to qualify it. However, it is interesting to understand why the relationship between Britain and European Union faces social difficulties, and maybe find explanations in Britain's past.

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