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Can climate change represent a threat for international security?

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  1. Climate change: The perspective of a real threat at regional and international level
    1. The direct impacts of climate change: sources of regional conflict
    2. The effects of climate change could also threaten security in a wider scale
  2. The necessity to deal with this issue
    1. Difficulties of implementation and organization to deal with these issues
    2. A necessity to find a new approach

Numerous catastrophic weather events including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and tidal waves are striking the US capital city, New York. All infrastructures but also habitations and buildings are destroyed, flooded or frozen. In this scene of chaos, the whole population tries to flee from the mess. A long line of refugees go in the direction of Mexico to find a secure place. They try to cross the border, but are first violently rejected by the Mexican authorities. This calamity scenario is not yet part of our reality but still belongs to fiction and especially to the Hollywood Film 'The Day After Tomorrow' by Roland Emmerich. But for how long? Even if it is quite unlikely that such violent weather events will happen and lead to a significant conflict between Mexico and the United States, we can wonder what are the real risks of climate change in terms of security and of international order. In a general sense, security is the condition of being protected from or not exposed to danger. According to this definition we can so affirm that climate change is a threat for our security because it can exposes us to several dangers such as sea level rise, droughts, storms etc.

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