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Can one say of Japan that it is "an economic giant" and "a political dwarf"?

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  1. Introduction
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After the Second World War, Japan has emerged as one of the greatest successes of international society. Japan has been globally pacified, democratized, even transformed into a commercial and technological power. Nevertheless, this economic power is accompanied by paradoxically low representation on the international diplomatic arena, so we often saw that Japan was showcased as an "economic giant but a political dwarf." The past has considerable weight in Japan and still weighs not only on the internal organization of Japan, but especially on foreign policy, dealing with neighbors attentive to any discussion on the atrocities committed during the war.

The atrocities are still fresh in the minds of Asian and despite the apology, the various Asian countries often accuse Japanese leaders of insincerity and a false spirit of repentance. As one can notice, the past is particularly important and influential in Japanese politics even today. So we'll see how Japan is seeking to undo an unpleasant and debilitating past to inculcate all the attributes of a global power. Japan is still viewed against the backdrop of its imperialist colonial policy in Asia and its neighbors, which poisons the regional policy in Japan.

Tags: Japanese economic might, Japanese international politics, Japanese regional policy

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