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Can we say that peace is a recent invention? (Michael Howard)

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  1. Defining peace in the presence of War
  2. Albert Einstein view on the peace
  3. Contribution of the World war's to the invention of peace
  4. 'Pax Romana' or Roman Peace
  5. Conclusion

A broad definition of peace would be the absence of war. War, it has been proved, does relieve the masses from boredom and monotony. This is also evident in the fact that we enjoy watching war movies for the excitement and thrill they provide. But peace can be as fulfilling as war, if not more so. We can safely assume that the concept of peace was invented before the 21rst century, but the question we will address in this document is when exactly the invention took place and how recent it is. In order to find a credible answer to this question we will need to view peace in two different ways; both as a concept (in thought) and in practice. Firstly, we will see when and why peace was invented as a concept, and will then go on analyze the implementation of peace in practice before concluding the discussion.

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